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• 3/10/2019

I'm on Soundcloud!

Check me out on soundcloud (gaius bussinger (blue))

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• 3/1/2019

17 days to my birthday!!!!

it's only 17 days to my birthday!!!!

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• 2/27/2019
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• 2/27/2019

Uh... so 'hi'

i'm new on tearawaywiki

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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

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Have fun!
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• 1/12/2014


I just remembered something from the game's developement: "...by blowing into the microphone, players can...summon a large gust of wind." This never showed up!!
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• 1/7/2014

Gopher Plan

Does anybody know where the gopher plan is in Tearaway?
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• 12/29/2013

"YellowHead" Page Name Change Request

Currently, the name of the Page is called "YellowHead". But I noticed something, I unlocked a Trophy for taking a picture of Yellow Head in Tearaway. This is what the Trophy said:
"Yellow Head"
"Take a photo of Yellow Head."
So basically, the Trophy confirms his name is "Yellow Head" and not "YellowHead". So I thought maybe we could change it to that.
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• 12/30/2013


I've noticed that some pages (such as Story) keeps saying "Atoi" instead of "Iota/Atoi". For an example, here is a couple things that are wrote on the "Story" page:

"Atoi is created from an envelope and some paper. Now she's on an adventure to reach the Face in The Sun to deliver her message!"
"Here, Atoi is tring to find a way to Gibbet Hill so she can reach the face in The Sun and deliver her message."
"Atoi has to go and find her friend. Along the way, she finds the Harbor, ans rolls into a small hole on a door on the Lighthouse."
Another example was on the Confetti page. It used to say this:

"Atoi can't collect confetti more than once, as they disappear and turn into plain white orbs after being collected."
(But I have already change it to "Iota/Atoi".)
See, it's almost like some pages are saying that Atoi is the only character in the game, when really, Iota and Atoi is in the game. Atoi isn't even the main character, Iota was announced first, then Atoi was announced later, so I don't see how the person who wrote that got confused and thought Atoi was the main character. Anyway, that doesn't really matter, they are both main characters. Maybe the person who wrote it has been playing as Atoi?
So, basically what I'm saying is, is that it seems like some pages are saying Atoi is the character you play as, so I think one day we should go through the pages and change them from "Atoi" to "Iota/Atoi".
Thank you for reading.
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• 11/28/2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!
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• 11/23/2013

Post characters from different games!

Create a character from a different Video Game by using the character customizer in Tearaway, then post them! I would like to see what you can do with the creator in the game!
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• 11/23/2013

Post a picture of your Messenger!

The great thing about Tearaway is that there's an ingame camera that lets you upload pictures directly to tearaway.me!  The character customization is so deep in this game (better than LBP even!), that I'm sure none of us have the same messenger.  Post a pic of your character!

My Atoi with custom decals that I made
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• 10/21/2013

New Gallery Format

Hello Tearaway Wikians. I have adopted a new system for us, which is used by many wikis to avoid page clutter. When a gallery is placed on a page with more than five pictures (or videos, etc.), Template:LinktoGallery will be added in its stead. The link found in the template will become a new page, which the gallery will be placed.
On this new gallery page, the pictures will be separated from the videos. The page will begin with "Below is a collection of media related to (name of page)."
Anyway, keep on editing!
-Exo Man
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• 9/25/2013

Listing new Papercraft Plans

Hi Everybody. I wanted to let you know how we are going to list the papercraft plans on their page. All pictures of the plans will be put in the "Papercraft Plan" category. Also, the pictures will be put in the gallery on the page. When the game comes out, and more info about them is released, we will add a list of plans (and info about those plans) onto the page.
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• 7/21/2013

Monobook site appearance has been updated.

If you go in your preferences, you can change the site appearance to "Monobook". This makes the site appear very differently. I have updated it to look more like the Tearaway Wiki style, and hope you like it.
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• 6/25/2013

Update to Staff Page - READ

I have updated the Staff page. There is a new rule that all admins and moderators should read. It is: "If you are an admin/moderator and do not edit the wiki for 60 days, your rights will be removed." This is a necesarry rule, as it insures that the admins/moderators of the wiki do not abandon us.
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