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Mira Laime
Super Sub-Zero
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Super Sub-Zero
• 12/29/2013

"YellowHead" Page Name Change Request

Currently, the name of the Page is called "YellowHead". But I noticed something, I unlocked a Trophy for taking a picture of Yellow Head in Tearaway. This is what the Trophy said:

"Yellow Head"

"Take a photo of Yellow Head."

So basically, the Trophy confirms his name is "Yellow Head" and not "YellowHead". So I thought maybe we could change it to that.

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Super Sub-Zero
• 12/30/2013

I changed it. I'm pretty sure you can rename the page yourself, but I'm not positive since you aren't an admin and may not have enough user rights. If so, you just need to hit the down arrow on the "edit" heading at the top of any page, and hit the "rename" option.

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