Crash Site

The Crash Site.

The Crash Site is the first location in Sogport, and the sixth location overall in Tearaway.


Atoi fell to Sogport due to her failing to reach the face in The Sun from Gibbet Hill. She gets lost, and finds an abandoned house near a talking tile of stone.

Along the way, she finds a blue Wendigo that gets attacked by black Scraps, and she gets attacked herself and trapped as well.

After defeating the Scraps, Atoi recovers him and makes friends with him, and loses her purse (for the cutscene). She discovers that he likes eating rolls of paper.

Later in the level, after he gets sore eyes, by an attack by Scraps, she gets to customize him, almost like she customizes herself.

Unfortunately, he gets trapped in a present and gets sent to The Caverns, where she has to go to to save him, but in order to reach it, Atoi needs to go to The Harbor.


"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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