"He warned me of a terrible sight..."
This article or section was made during the game's development, and was presumably or surely removed in the final release.
"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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Species: Cyclops
Gender: Presumably Male
Debut: N/A
Family: N/A
Skill/s: N/A
Weapon/s: N/A
Alias/es: N/A
Status: Gone missing

Cyclops are enemies that are supposed to be found in Tearaway. They seem to have something against Atoi so they will attack her on sight just like the Wendigos. They are afraid of fingers entering the game world, and will run away from them when they pop through. They were presumably replaced by the Scraps.


  • The Cyclopses are most likely previous versions of the Scraps as they look similar, the box size and the single eye, but different as well, the Cyclops is made out of plain paper while the Scraps are made out of newspaper.  They also wear a hat and feature a large beard.



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