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The Guiding Light is one of the new features added in Tearaway Unfolded.

What Is It?[]

The Guiding light is a powerful light said to hold the power of the sun in its powerful beam. It is controled by "You" who through the use of a PS4 Controler can turn it on and off with the L2 or R2 buttons and aim it at the screen by tilting the controler.


The function of the Giding Light is to light up the dark and guide the messenger though the areas that the sun can't reach, while restoring areas affected by the scraps. It is also used as a cursor that lets you move your creations & bits of paper around when using the Cutting-Mat or decorating your messenger.


The effect of the Guiding Light affects everything in Tearaway Unfolded in multiple ways. At the start of its used to control the Messenge, then to grant the "You" control of the messenger after being told to shine the light. When aimed at certain characters it will surprise them causing some to enact a worshiping stance.