This extension is enabled by default on Fandom.
This feature is not currently available on wikis which use the new Unified Community Platform (UCP).
See this page for more information on the new platform.

Example multiple upload screen

Instead of uploading files one-by-one, it's possible to upload multiple images at once. Administrators may upload up to 20 images simultaneously, while non-admins have a limit of 10 images.

Any choices made for licensing templates, categories, or descriptive text apply to all images that are being uploaded. If you're uploading many images that should have the same license and categories, it can be a huge time-saver.

How to use it?

Go to Special:MultipleUpload on your community. Click the Choose File buttons to find the files on your computer and, if you want them to have a different name to the one they have on your computer, change these in the "Destination filename" fields. Then, fill in the summary and select a license, both of which will be applied to the entire batch of images.

If a file has the same name as another that is already on the wiki, you will see a warning similar to the one that appears for individual uploads, but the file that already exists can be replaced.


When using Special:MultipleUpload, the file upload size limit limits the total size of all the files combined rather than the size per individual file. The current limit is 10 MB for all of the files uploaded together, which makes multiple uploads great for quickly getting many small files into the wiki, but not ideal for large ones.

Admin notes

Alternatives on UCP

While this extension is not available on the UCP, there are still ways to upload multiple files at once.


MsUpload is an upload tool built into the source editor. It has an upload button that will open your file browser, from which you can select multiple files by holding the control key on your keyboard. Alternatively, there is a box below the editing toolbar where you can drag-and-drop a selection of files from another window.

If you use MsUpload while editing a category page, all images uploaded will be automatically added to that category.

MsUpload 1

The source editor. The arrows point to the upload button and file drop area.

MsUpload 2

The selected files ready to be uploaded.

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