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Welcome to drive School! you can learn here how to drive
|backcolor = 088A4B
|textcolor = F3E2A9
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:IotaLookout.png|200px]]
|species = [[Papercraft Messenger]]
|gender = Male
|first = [[Tearaway]]
|family = [[Atoi]] (female counterpart)
|skills = Rolling, Jumping, Pig Riding, Decorating
|weapon = [[Squeeze Box (Tool)]], Apples
|alias = N/A
|status = Alive|skill = Rolling}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the male counterpart of [[Atoi]] and is one of the main protagonists of [[Tearaway]] and [[Tearaway Unfolded]]. He contains a special message within his envelope shaped head, and must deliver it.
Iota is a small letter that falls into the Tearaway world at the beginning of the game. Pieces of paper then surround him, and become parts of his body. This is when he wakes up, and the adventure begins.
Iota is able to run as fast as a [[Wendigo]], and can also walk on a glue path on a wall. He can carry and throw certain balls, he can turn into a ball and roll, as well as jump small distances after losing his resistance to [[You]]'s commands and can ride a [[Rideable Pig]] just like his fellow letter [[Atoi]]. Iota can utilize the [[Squeeze Box]] to blow away enemies or pull them in.
== Trivia ==
* Iota cannot talk in the 1st game. but does in unfolded at the end of the game.
* Iota will not stomp on your feet.
* Iota name is [[Atoi]] but backwards
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