Maypole Fields

Maypole Fields.

Maypole Fields is the third location in Valleyfold.


Here, Atoi is trying to find a way to Gibbet Hill so she can reach the face in The Sun and deliver her message.

She finds two Mummers and a Pig. One of the Mummers asked the other with, "So, what do you think, will your pig like my pig?". Then the other one replied with "Not a hope, my friend. Your pig is...well... let's just say your pig needs a make-over," insulting the Pig.

When Atoi got closer, the insulted Pig asked Atoi to make him cuter, and promised her that he'll carry her on his back if she did that.

After she changed him, the Red Mummer is shocked that she changed the Pig, "What was I thinking?!" Then the other Mummer said that "I'd take a Photo if I had a Camera!"

Atoi jumped on the Pig's back and ridden the Pig, finding Scraps and an automatic Photo Booth along the way. The Pig reunited with the other Pig at the house.

After this, Atoi discovered Crows that is blocking the path to Gibbet Hill, and that in order to scare them away, she must find a pumpkin in The Barn.

After returning from the Barn, she put the Pumpkin head on the Scarecrow and entered Gibbet Hill.


"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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