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  • Hi Pinkachu,

    Sorry to bother you but can I have your thoughts on the wiki's theme. I had changed it to green but I discovered it looked weird so I reverted the main colour back to white and tweaked the other colours and created a background.

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    • I like the background. Not a fan of the darker green boxes in this case. Maybe a green border rather than the background and keep the main page white, or a slight blue like #ebf2f8. I would change the blog font size to something a little bigger. I would also change the active tab font color in the video box to black. Overall, the colors tie in well with the game. That probably wasn't much help, but maybe it will prod some other ideas. 

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    • Thanks It helps :)

      Im not sure how to change the bloglist font size. i'll sort the tabber later when i get the time.

      Thanks again.

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    • I took the blog list of out 'box' and added a css element to control the font size.

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    • Thanks :) It looks a lot better.

      Thanks again

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