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Mummers are the "humans" of Tearaway. They populate the Orchard and Valleyfold. Some represent certain things, like woods or horses.

Tearaway.me Description

"Inhabitants of Valleyfold, the Mummers are earthy, simple folks who love nothing more than a good performance."

Specific Mummas

  • Drummer - A Mumma who evidently likes to drum. He is also the gatekeeper to the Orchard.
  • The Bull Mummer - "This one represents the mummer tradition of mast beasts."
  • The Horse Mummer - "This one represents the mummer's song "Poor Old Horse"."
  • The Seed Mummer - "This one represents the apple harvest."
  • The Heart Mummer - "This one represents the Morris dance."
  • The Woodspirit Mummer - "This one represents the woods and forests."