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Papercraft Messengers
Iota, one of the two playable characters in Tearaway.

Main Messengers:

Iota and Atoi



Messengers seem to be a species of paper people who deliver messages in Tearaway(and Tearaway Unfolded). There are only two seen in Tearaway to start of with but towards the end of the level many faceless messengers can be seen but it's unkown if these are real or not. The two seen in the game are both heroes so it is likely that this is good species, unlike their enemies.

The Messengers[]


Iota was the first character revealed. He is the default male Messenger the player can play as. When Tearaway was first announced, they released an announcement trailer, which showed Iota running through the world and fighting enemies with the help of the player. He was the only character than was shown being played and they gave details of, so many believed he was the only character in the game. Although, later it was revealed a different character called "Atoi" would be playable.


Atoi, the second playable character.


Atoi was the second character revealed. She is the default female Messenger the player can play as. Her name is "Iota" spelled backwards, and Iota was the first character revealed and the other playable character in the game. She bears a strong resembleance to Iota too, as she also has a leaf on her head, a triangle cut-out on her chest, a headband and more.

The Undelivered Messenger:

In the level "The Misplaced Message," a new messenger is seen. The Undelivered Messenger is clone of Atoi without a face and her limbs are not attached.


Players can customize Iota and Atoi to create their own characters. You use the paper cut-out feature that is used through out the game to create things like eyes, masks, hats and more to make your character look how you want! Or, you can use default pieces like mouths, eyes and other things. Unlock those pieces, you need to buy them with Confetti you get through out the game.

Customize your character!