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"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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Species: Papercraft Pig
Gender: N/A
Debut: N/A
Family: N/A
Skill/s: N/A
Weapon/s: N/A
Alias/es: Rideable Pig
Status: Alive

The Pig is a way of transportation used by Papercraft Letters in Tearaway. Apart from that not much is known about it.


The Pigs usually live around the Valleyfold area. A pig was used by iota / atoi when he / she came across two mummers talking about how ugly the pig is. With the pig's feelings hurt iota / atoi decorated him. In return it gave him / her a ride on it's back. Later, in The Desert the pig returns to help iota / atoi cross the desert on "One last ride" and they cross the Desert, afterwards, at the edge of the Desert the pig leaves to let iota / atoi to finish his / her story alone.

Tearaway.me Description[]

"Pigs are not the most conventional animal to hitch a lift on, but there’s nothing like riding a hog on the open road."



  • As part of the Special Delivery Pre-order pack, you will get a skin for your PS Vita that looks like the Pig, and a papercraft template to make your own.
  • The Pig is rideable only twice in the entire game.