"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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The Lab Receptionist is the secretary for the professor. Not much at all is known about her or her boss, but her papercraft description is as follows:

Manages the Lab's diary and whatnot, leaving the Chief Scientist free to invent things and tame Wendigos. The Chief would be lost without her.

Super SecrecyEdit

A rare known fact is that the Lab Receptionist does in fact have a papercraft page. However, when visited, it informs the reader that they can only unlock the plan manually, by finding the 'super-secret method' as briefly mentioned in the Tearaway manual.

To unlock her papercraft, visit the website, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and type 'super-secret' into the Crafty Codes box. It will appear in black and white, but you will have unlocked both the colour and black and white variants.


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