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Greg Heffley
|backcolor = F5DA81
|textcolor = B43104
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:Scrap.png|200px]]
|gender = N/A
|first = [[Tearaway]]
|skill = N/A
|weapon = N/A
|alias = N/A}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' are present/newspaper-type creatures. Not much is known about them other than they came from the [[You]]s' world. They are the main enemy species, who act slightly like dogs and chase the player.
==Specific Species==
*'''Scraps''' - The main species, they are shaped like [[present]]s, made of newspaper, and do not like [[Atoi]]. Early in the game, Atoi had to dodge their attacks until they stun themselves and then throw them to defeat them. Later, when Atoi got the [[Squeeze Box]], she can use this to suck ''and'' stun them at the same time, then throw them using the Box, reducing the amount of time needed to dispatch Scraps.
** '''Black Scraps''' - These scraps can stack on top of each other.
**'''Scraps on Stilts''' - These scraps have much taller legs than normal Scraps, but when hit by Rolling they lose their sticks and act as normal scraps.
** '''[[Bounce Pad]] Scraps''' - These scraps are revealed after Atoi bounced on a Bounce Pad to get [[Confetti]] on a higher ledge. To defeat them, you must jump on their bounce pads and then tap them as quickly as possible.
** '''Flying Scraps''' - These green scraps fly and appear after Atoi damages [[The Lab]] using her [[Squeeze Box]]. She can use the Squeeze Box to suck and launch these scraps to their doom.
StiltScrap 03.gif|Scrap on a Stilt
Coming from the world of You, they attack the paper world and turn everything into newspaper. As Iota or Atoi progress, more and more different scraps are seen.
In the PSVita version, when in the cave chapter, the scientists have built a giant drill to get out, but the scraps try to stop you. Atoi destroys the last scrap, and the newspaper goes away, turning everything back to its original state.
In the PS4 version, the story gets ''spicier''. The scraps are noticed stealing buttons from the lab, and when in the caves you find out that they are trying to usurp You's power by making a Button Box (the controller). They force scientists to turn it on. A single scrap begins tilting the world, and the lightbar and torch become red. At this moment, the scraps finally speak. After a battle, the scrap "turns off" the game and invades your system, but the "superhero squirrel" you decorated comes out and leaps into the controller, tossing nuts at the scraps. When you're done with that, scraps surround the screen asking for help. The one controlling has gotten too greedy and is destroying everything. It turns out that the scraps just wanted love from You and when decorated, they halt the project to take over your Story Box (TV) and the lightbar turns to normal. Atoi stands on the lightbar and is sent Between The Pages.
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