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Greg Heffley
|backcolor = F5DA81
|textcolor = B43104
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:Scrap.png|200px]]
|gender = N/A
|first = [[Tearaway]]
|skill = N/A
|weapon = N/A
|alias = N/A}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' are present/newspaper-type creatures. Not much is known about them apart from they came from the sun. They are the main enemy species, who act slightly like dogs and chase the player.
==Specific Species==
*'''Scraps''' - The main species, they are shaped like presents, made of newspaper, and do not like [[Iota]]/[[Atoi]].
**'''Scraps on Stilts''' - These scraps have much taller legs than normal Scraps.
StiltScrap 03.gif|Scrap on a Stilt

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