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[[File:Trees-sogport.png|300px|right|The tall trees in Sogport]]
#REDIRECT: [[w:c:gbwg]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the area which [[Iota]]/[[Atoi]] journey through in [[Tearaway]]. In the "Tearaway Sogport Trailer", Sogport is said to be found by "its noise and its stench". This is because it is full of factories. The whole place is surrounded by a sea of glue. The music for Sogport is ''The Sogport Song'' wich is also included in the [[Tearway Competition Pack (LittleBigPlanet)|Tearaway Competition Pack]] for LittleBigPlanet.
*'''[[Papercraft Wendigo]]''' - Many Wendigos inhabit Sogport, and guard their territory.
*'''[[Papercraft Cyclops]]''' - One-eyed enemies of the player.
*'''[[Scientist]]''' and the '''[[Secretary]]''' - Found at [[The Lab|the Lab]].

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  1. REDIRECT: w:c:gbwg
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