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The Weaponized Squeezebox.

The Weaponized Squeezebox is a tool that Iota or Atoi obtains in The Lab. He or she can use this to suck in things, and blow them out, as well as blow the environment in order to change platforms, take out scraps, and such. It was created by the Chief Scientist. It was so powerful, it damaged the Lab's fans with just one blow, setting off an alarm, causing the Scrap to notice Atoi and a new Kind of Scrap rams into the door. DescriptionEdit

"The work of the Lab's finest minds. Dispatch Scraps, turn turbines, fire many uses!"


  • In the E3 trailer for Tearaway, Iota held a cone-speaker phone like object in the trailer.  It acted the same way as the Squeezebox except the player had to yell to blow at enemies.  It was replaced by the Squeezebox most likely so players wouldn't have to yell to make it function.
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