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"Uncover the true power of your DualShock 4 to join forces with ATOI THE MESSENGER in a daring quest to deliver a top-secret message.

Unfold her magical papery world, save her pals in peril and battle the monsters trying to stop her delivery"

Tearaway Unfolded is the PlayStation 4 sequel of Tearaway. First announced on August 12 2014. It was released on September 8th 2015.[3]
In March 2017, the digital copy of Tearaway Unfolded became free to PlayStation Plus members.


While following a similar story of the messenger taking daring quest to reach "You" to deliver their message, Tearaway Unfolded features familiar & new content exclusive to the PlayStation 4 that utilises the PS4's features.

Key Features

  • Choose either between Iota or Atoi - You can then choose to play as the alternative charater to your choice once you start the game.
  • Guiding Light - Pressing Either L2 or R2 in dark areas enables the player to shine a flash light that can affect the world and characters in different ways.
  • The player can use the controller's touch pad to control the wind & make Atoi bounce.
  • Tilting the controler upwards lets the Messenger throw objects & certain creatures, like a gopher & fire them at things. stroking the touch pad at these times makes the controler mimic the creature caught.
  • Players Draw on the "Cutting mat" by using the touch-pad. Or they can let someone else craft objects via the "companion app" using the PS Vita's Remote Play function or Mobile App.
  • Players without the PS4 camera can use their PS Vita to take photos via Remote play.


  • Atoi has a purple torso and arms and legs.  Whether this is a costume or the default model is currently unknown.  She is also wearing a sash with a badge on it.
  • The Harbor appears to be larger and the sea is interractable.
  • Iota has hair. Whether this is the default model or a "pre-added" accessory is currently unknown


  • You Don't Need a PS4 camera to play this game.
  • Atoi appears in the trailer, but Iota does not.
  • None of the characters in the game (Excluding the narrators) can talk. Atoi and Iota only make noises.




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