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March 2017 - Current[]


Iota is the male counterpart of Atoi and is one of the main protagonists of Tearaway and Tearaway Unfolded. He contains a special message within his envelope shaped head, and must deliver it.


Iota is a small letter that falls into the Tearaway world at the beginning of the game. Pieces of paper then surround him, and become parts of his body. This is when he wakes up, and the adventure begins.


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August 2014 - March 2017 (a long time)[]

Tearaway unfolded-logo-wide.png

Tearaway Unfolded is the PlayStation 4 sequel of Tearaway announced on August 12 2014. It will be released in 2015.

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November 2013 - August 2014[]


Mummers are the "humans" of Tearaway. They populate the Orchard and Valleyfold. Some represent certain things, like woods or horses.

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August 2013 - November 2013[]

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The Papercraft Squirrel is a character who asks for a crown for the Wassailing Party, so Iota/Atoi cuts a crown out for him and places it on his head.

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June 2013 - August 2013[]


The Elk is a caribou in Tearaway that somehow loses its skin. Iota/Atoi helps it by giving it a new skin, which the player chooses by taking a picture. The elk then puts it on right after recieving it, and is thankful for the help.

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May 2013[]


Iota is the main character of Tearaway. He contains a special message within his envelope shaped head, and must deliver it. Not much is known about Iota's background, but it is assumed that he is a letter which you take a picture of at the game's start. It is unknown whether he has any family but it is likely that Atoi is his sister.

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