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The Lab.

The Lab is the fourth location found in Sogport and is the ninth location overall in Tearaway. The Lab is home to the Scientist.


Atoi finds the Lab entrance. Inside she talks to a Scientist, that activates an elevator in the labs that goes down.

Atoi customizes herself and takes a picture of her.

After Atoi is attacked by Scraps, she finds about the lab's secret weapon. Inside a white building, she picks up the Weaponized Squeezebox.

Atoi accidentally damages the Lab using this and activates an alarm. She deactivates this using the Squeezebox.

The damaged Lab alarm caused Scraps to know where it is and they attack it, causing setting off an alarm. However, now this time, "The little horrors can fly!!" Atoi must take then down using her new Weaponized Squeezebox Cannon and shoot them to dispatch them.

Now she must head to the Chief Scientist's office.

Here she must escape into The Caverns so she can retrieve her friend.


The Lab contains many accordions that move up and down, as the theme for it is music. Atoi also obtain her own Squeeze Box to suck things in and blow them out with.


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