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Trophies are an achievement system on the PlayStation Network. Some games have certain goals that can be completed, allowing players to obtain trophies. Trophies are categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum depending on the trophies difficulty and skill. Platinum trophies are only obtainable when all other trophies (excluding DLC) have been collected. Some trophies are harder to obtain than others.

Tearaway Trophies

Icon Name How to Obtain Color Rarity
Perfectionist Collect all the other trophies. Platinum Uncommon 24.01%
Catastrophe Finish Gibbet Hill. Bronze Common 72.16%
Cataclysm Finish Between the Pages. Bronze Common 58.87%
Helping Hand Complete your first "extra thing to do". Bronze Common 92.25%
Papercraft Beginner Unlock your first papercraft plan. Bronze Common 87.10%
Happy Birthday Open your first Present. Bronze Common 94.90%
Crafty Create 10 Decorations with the Cutting Mat. Bronze Common 54.53%
Too Much Swag Put more than 10 Decorations on your Messenger. Bronze Common 68.48%
Ham-Fisted Dispatch 10 Scraps while riding the Pig. Bronze Common 69.66%
Free Hug Throw a Gopher at a Scrap. Bronze Uncommon 42.09%
Dangerous Digit Dispatch 40 Scraps with your finger. Bronze Common 68.98%
Paperazzi Take 15 photos of the paper world. Bronze Common 73.14%
Tower Of Doom Tumble a pile of 6 Scraps. Bronze Uncommon 26.92%
Doppelganger Take a photo of the other Messenger. Bronze Uncommon 42.92%
Shredder Dispatch 200 Scraps. Silver Common 65.06%
Inspiring Presents Collect 30 presents. Silver Common 55.52%
Papercraft Enthusiast Collect 25 papercraft plans. Silver Common 57.37%

Tearaway Unfolded Trophies

Icon Name How to Obtain Color Rarity