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|Box title = HelloTyler
|Box title = HelloTyler
|image = File:Exoiota.png|imagewidth = 200px
|image = File:Exoiota.png|imagewidth = 200px

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"Boy, I couldn't believe my eyes..."

This user is the bureaucrat of the Tearaway Wiki. His purpose is to lead the community and staff of the wiki, and to make sure it stays in perfect shape, by all means necessary.
Any questions and requests for assistance should be directed at this user's Message Wall.

Exo Iota



Some of my Video Games:

Sly Cooper games
LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2
Various Mario Games
Phineas and Ferb Games
Club Penguin Games
Various Sonic Games
And a Whole lot more!


Adding pictures to the wiki
Using basic template coding
Drawing art
Making basic 2-dimensional games.

Check Me Out At:


"Lets do this thing... whatever this thing is."
— HelloTyler

Hello Guest, I'm HelloTyler. You may call me Exo Man. I am excited for Tearaway to come out, and think that the game looks awesome!! If you need any help, please feel free to contact me on my Message Wall.


  • My 100th edit, which was correcting the video format for the Sogport trailer on the main page.
  • My 200th edit, which was creating the "Helping Out" template found on the main page.
  • My 500th edit, which I have no idea what was XD.
  • My 750th edit, which was making the edit that added this to this list.