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  • Sackchief

    Hey Tearaway fans, it seems at Sony's Gamescom press conference today, they announced the next chapter in Iota/Atoi's journey.  Tearaway Unfolded will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 in 2015.  The game will be a retelling of Tearaway for Vita, but with completely new levels that make use of the PlayStation 4's features such as the touch pad, light bar and more!  

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  • Sackchief

    Tearaway Review Roundup

    November 20, 2013 by Sackchief

    Hey Tearaway fans, good news, it seems Tearaway has been met with a ton of great reviews!  Its currently one of November's top games on Metacritic!

    Here are some review samples.

    Playstation Lifestyle 90/100

    "The excellent integration of the Vita’s features into its gameplay, the way Tearaway reaches out to the player, the charming and well-developed world, the use of imagination in a medium where imagination is a precious and often forgotten thing – these factors stand above the negative to create an experience you should play at least once." 

    IGN 93/100  "'Tearaway is a joy. Whether it was a riding a pig towards the sunset or playing basketball with a super-powered accordion, it never failed to make me smile. It sincerely believes that imagina…

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