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Wassail Orchard is the second location in Valleyfold.


Atoi is trying to reach the face in The Sun so she can deliver her message. So she went here to try to reach it.

In here, Atoi discovers the uses of Drumskin that You can use to jump, using the Rear Touch Pad. She platforms her way to reach The Drumming Ritual.

The Drumming Ritual was almost done, but the Scraps had plans to ruin it. As Atoi entered, the Scraps appeared. Atoi with Your help battled the Scraps and saved it before the Scraps could ruin it completely.

While looking for a way to reach the face in the Sun, she notices a white X on a platform. She jumped very high in the air, and while not actually reaching the Sun, she got very close, making a very good impression.

After the failed attempt, she discovers that she should stop resisting the You's commands to jump (allowing her to jump regularly). She also discovers that she should go to the Gibbet Hills next. She took a ride to Maypole Fields.


"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
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