Wendigo a
Species: Wendigo
Gender: Male or Female
Family: Baby Wendigo
Skill/s: Running
Weapon/s: Claws
Alias/es: N/A except for it's baby
Status: Alive

Wendigos are giant, playful, beige, dog-like creatures whose mission is to play with Iota/Atoi. As they are very playful creatures, they are often tricked into dashing into a pop-up present, which serves as a (mobile) prison for them. They are found in Sogport. Not all of them want to attack Iota/Atoi. There is one, a Baby Wendigo that helps Iota or Atoi and follows them around, eating paper rolls. DescriptionEdit

"Wendigos are big, hairy and scary. But are they the ferocious beasts everyone thinks they are?"


Wendigos are able to run very quickly, as well as throw balls and Pearls to great distances. They are not strong enough to be able to escape the Scrap's Present Traps that have already activated as prisons.


  • Wendigo is one of the names of an Algonquian culture myth, however the myth bears no resemblance to the Tearaway creature other than possibly appearance.


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