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|backcolor = DBA901
|textcolor = 000000
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:Wendigo_a.png|200px]]|species = Wendigo
|gender = N/A
|first = N/A
|family = [[Baby Wendigo]]
|skill = Running
|weapon = N/A
|alias = N/A
|status = N/A}}The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a giant, beige, dog-like creature who's mission is to attack [[Iota]]/[[Atoi]]. They are often tricked into dashing into a pop-up present, which serves as a prison for them. They are found in [[Sogport]]. Not all of them want to attack Iota/Atoi. There is one, a [[Baby Wendigo]] that helps Atoi and follows her around.
{{PAGENAME}} is able to run very quickly, as well as thrown balls to great distances. They are not able to escape pop-up presents.
tearaway_sogport_08.png|A sad Wendigo

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