Species: Human
Gender: Male/Female
Debut: Tearaway
Skill/s: Godlike Powers
Status: Alive

In Tearaway, Yous are one of the main protagonists of Tearaway. The player is often referred to by the papercraft creatures as You. A You has special godlike powers, as they can control and interact with the world through their fingers.


You can often be seen peering into the world of Tearaway through the sun. Iota and Atoi both have a message for You, and make it their mission to deliver it to them. They set out for Gibbet Hill in order to reach the You in the sun.


The You has several special abilities that can help Iota or Atoi make it through the world. You can stick his/her fingers up through thin paper using the rear touchpad and reach their fingers into the world to move objects and destroy Scraps. You can also use the touchscreen to move special types of paper and make a new path for the messenger.

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